Based in Godalming, Surrey.
This is a new website under construction
and will be added to when time permits.

Currently working on: (quite a few broken things)
API 2488 Console,
Dalcon Console @The Strongroom Studios London,
EMT 140 & EMT 162 Plate Reverb repairs,
API 2520 OpAmp clone manufacture,
Studer A800 24 track tape machine,
EAR 600 repairs,
AKG & Neumann microphone repairs,
Tube-Tech CL-1B compressor,
Plex Echo Tape Echo restoration,
Presonus Firestudio Project PSU repair & recap,
Langevin 8 Channel Console,
ams dmx-15~80s computer controlled stereo digital delay,
ams rmx 16 : digital reverberation system,
4 track tape transfers + a few other bits.

Services Available:
Professional audio equipment servicing, repairs, modifications.
Vintage audio equipment servicing, repairs, modifications.

Recording studio wiring, maintenance, repairs etc.
AV design and installation.
Audio and AV rack building.
Bespoke electronic and electromechanical equipment designed and manufactured.
Capacitor replacement etc.
API, CADAC, Langevin, Electrodyne, Fedco, MTA, Allen & Heath, Neve,
EMI, Amek, Dalcon, DDA, Soundcraft, Mackie
and many other console repairs/servicing modifications etc.
Replacement Cadac gyrator modules made to order.
Lots of experience with vintage API EQ's and module servicing / repairs.
Fader cleaning.
Patchbay wiring.
Cable manufacture (XLR, Edac, DL etc).

Many years of experience with Computers / network setup etc
(in the Godalming, Surrey area only).