The Last Noel. Humour from Mike Macrae and Stuart Gordon
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Jonathan Perkins
The Falloons
Martin Chambers
  Gordon Flash & The Profits of Doom
have very kindly made their humourous track

THE LAST NOEL (Macrae & Gordon)
available for download from this site.

Lyrics Mike Macrae
Produced by Stuart Gordon
Recorded at Crescent Studios, Bath, 1982
Remixed by Joshua J Macrae, 2005
Gordon Flash & The Profits of Doom
Pete Brandt - Bass
Andy Davis - Keyboards
Clive Deamer - Drums
Stuart Gordon - Synthesizer
Will Gregory - Saxophone
Mike Macrae - Vocals
+ Cast of Thousands
  Peace Off  ering
  Download the entire track for free HERE
  This track is available free for personal use only.
If you wish to use this track for any other
purpose please contact
Mike Macrae