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Gordon Flash And The Profits Of Doom
Present Their Whacky Tracky "The Last Noel"
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Perkins 'The Head of Dark Entertainment'
Enter Miss World like Orpheus, has passed
through the mirror and now seems to live
"as if on the other side of things".

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Miss World Video
9 Steps to Nowhere

Jonathan Perkins
Martin Chambers
Jimmy Taylor
Pete Noone
Directed by David Mallet
Jonathan Perkins.
The surreal and eclectic diversity of musical styles and
influences in Perkins work is exemplified by the many
influential artists and bands he has worked with in the
studio over the last 25 years, these include;

Little Richard, Mick Jagger, George Harrisson, Lou Reed,
Timothy Leary, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), XTC, Glen Matlock
(Sex Pistols), Holger Tzukay (Can), Jools Holland, Dave Stewart,
Bob Geldoff, Roger Taylor (Queen), Shakespears Sister,
Terry Hall (Specials / Fun Boy Three), Siobahn Fahey,
Busta "Cherry" Jones (Talking Heads), Ian Broudie
(Lightning Seeds), Murry Lachlan Young, Martin Chambers
(Pretenders), Chris Starling, JCOOI and Desire, Nan Vernon,
Wide Boy Awake, Daryl Hall and John Oates .       << 
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Childhood Sweetheart | Christmas Day 31/10/97 | Why Don't Stars |
Perkins Eddie Jordan
Eddie & The Robbers
Starring F1
Eddie Jordan
on Drums.
The Robbers
Johnny Robber,
Pete Noone,
Matt Exelby.
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Eddie & The Robbers have released a single in
aid of the childrens' cancer charity CLIC Sargent.
The band have waived their royalties and all net
profits from the sale of the digital downloads will
be paid to CLIC Sargent.
Falloons Papa Falloon,Jason Falloon,Bob Falloon
Falloons Diddly Diddly at it's BEST !!!
The Falloons Papa Falloon. Bob Falloon. Jason Falloon. The Falloons.
Guitars, Fiddles, Banjos, Bohrans, Drums, Harmonicas,
Congas, Flutes, Penny Whistles, Mandolins, Pan Pipes,
Spoons and Wierd Things all make up the rich variety
of Celtic sounds produced by The Falloons.

Get Fallooned
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The Lonesome Boatman | The 1925½ Rag | The Marriage Suite |
Diddly Diddly |
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